about me

Thank you for visiting all things * jane!

My name is Lisa, and I am the curator of this blog and the creator behind the items in the allthingsjane Etsy store. Perhaps the easiest way to explain myself is to list my faves:

• I love Jesus and am in awe (and deep appreciation) of His grace and love.
• My husband is amazing; he showers me with more love and support than I could ever deserve.
• I love creativity and seeing how it is expressed in so many ways through people from all walks and stages of life.

Other loves:
• sunbeams
• scarves
• coffee
• heels
• jewelry
• flowers
• dishes
• adventures, great and small
• amazing deals
• gardening
• efficient usage of space
• support networks

behind the name

Since I'm interested in a wide variety of creative disciplines, I wanted a name that would not limit me to a certain area of art. Rather, I'd like to be a sort of "Jack of all trades." However, I'm not a man :-) so I am instead a "Jane of all." That name seemed a bit pretentious, but rearranged into "all things * jane" it resembled more of a salutation or categorization.

Thus you will find here a variety of things, but all will be united by the character "jane": a woman interested in simple beauty and practical living.


I would love to get to know you, too, so please comment, email [lisa {dot} all things jane {at} gmail {dot} com], follow on twitter, become a fan on Facebook, whatever fits your fancy!

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