Sunday, April 18, 2010

purse of cards

"Dear Sunday,

I think I'm in love. Especially the way you were today - sunny and relaxing. Your chirping birds and slight breeze charmed me into baking bread and cleaning out my car, then your warmth convinced me to lie down and take a brief nap. Sigh."

I feel pretty content today, if you can't tell. However, I predict an itch is developing that will soon need to be scratched. You see, when I cleaned out my car, I found a deck of cards. This deck has been my travelling companion for quite some time, as it once fell down between the seats and I always hoped the entire deck would magically assemble itself again. This never happened (hard to believe, I know). And, as fate would treat an unloved deck of cards, it's down 4 members.

What to do?

Recycle them!

Turns out there are a faction of people creating purses out of incomplete (and therefore rather useless) decks. Be it UNO, Skip-Bo, or your traditional poker cards, this could be a fun project. I'm sure there are a number of ways to approach the design as well as the creation.

What do you think? How would you create yours?

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