Wednesday, September 1, 2010

nautical notions

In part inspired by recent twitter discussions regarding nautical navy by the lovely @NoirBlancDesign, this inspiration board is all about room decor that celebrates sailing the ocean blue. If I lived on a lake, or even near the ocean, I think I might decorate my guest room around this theme.

Imagine how much fun you could have with it!

Image Credits and Ideas
1. This would be a great addition to a wall shelf. Delicate and charming.
Miniature Fishing Net by honeyandbee

2. A handy place for guests to hang items - maybe beach towels!
Cast Iron Wall Hook by monkeyandsquirrel

3. Love the illustration and the character the printing substrate provides.
Vintage Dictionary Print by littlebluebirdstudios

4. Keep the bedspread white, and let the pillowcase carry the theme.
Anchor Pillowcase by Royalkane

5. Place one of these on the bed or nightstand to welcome guests.
Nautical Chart Cards by Juanitas

Which idea is your favorite?


  1. LOVE that anchor pillow! So classic!

  2. I am seriously coveting that miniature fishing net. SO gorgeous!