Thursday, September 23, 2010

pretty packages

I've been getting some exciting things in the mail lately, and now I finally get to share with you the results!

Boxcar Press made the plates, and I highly recommend them. Very fast service, and although my order got a little mixed up (thus the one color version above), they acknowledged the error and rush-shipped me the correct plates (used below).

Now I just need to keep printing until my prints can look as good as their plates! I'm so excited to have handmade business cards and product tags to promote my handmade business.

Can't wait to share them with some of the other HandmadeMN members on Saturday!


  1. They look great! Have fun today!!

  2. Wow! Love the look!!

  3. Lisa! I know you did these FOREVER ago, but did they make the plates & print your cards? Or did you have to get them printed on your own? And how'd you print if they didn't do it? So curious. :)

    1. Hi Lisa! I purchased an Epic Letterpress/Die Cut kit that allows you to do letterpress at home. The plates that come with the kit are pretty standard glyphs and greeting card sayings, so I used Boxcar Press to make my custom plates. Then I got samples of Lettra paper and we were in business!