Wednesday, October 20, 2010

moving and michele

always by michele maule

First off, thank you all for sticking with me despite my long absence! After my husband and I returned from Boston, we dove straight into packing up all our belongings, moving into a new home, and cleaning out our old one. It's been a crazy three weeks! So thank you for your patience. 

On a more fun note - don't you love the print shown above? It's by Michele Maule, a painter/illustrator [who just so happens to sell her art on Etsy]. What's even better, she's giving away one of her prints on Paper*Cakes Finds!

Check out the Michele's shop for more treasures like below, then check out the giveaway!


  1. Great Pieces! Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. You're very welcome! I love the texture in the bottom three and symbolism in "always."