Monday, November 8, 2010

artist feature: Adero Willard

Dinner plate- Vines and flowers
These ceramic pieces by Adero Willard are the final artist feature from our Boston/Maine anniversary trip. They were spotted in one of the alcoves in the Stable Gallery of Damariscotta, Maine. The Stable Gallery is filled with fine art from a wide variety of artists. After browsing the collection of paintings, jewelry, sculpture and more, we found this set of ceramic dinnerware.

I love the texture, the layering, the colors - there's so much happening at once; it's fascinating. I would have a hard time getting it dirty with food because I like staring at it too much. Thus - the mug. Where you can see your ceramic art and use it, too!

In her artist statement, Willard cites vegetables, fruit, flowers, plants, fish, reptiles, and animal fur as inspiration for her designs. She also states, "The source of my patterns and designs is a desire to create real or illusory depth by constructing layers. I choose shapes that will animate the surfaces of my forms."
Quilt Swatch Bowls
These are just a sampling of my favorites, visit her gallery to see more!


  1. The mugs are FABULOUS. Love it! I also really loved the feature you did a while ago with the tiny coffee mugs. So amazing!