Tuesday, December 7, 2010

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This email regarding my earring holders arrived a couple months ago, but I can still remember how elated I was to receive it. Here was a person from Greece, who while far geographically, had a need near to my heart: organizing earrings during travel. She found my shop, purchased an earring holder, and then took the time to give me her reaction:

"And I love it! It's such a smart design - it seems to fit many pairs of earrings, even big dangly ones, but it still packs super small and light. In fact, it's so small that I can fit it in a larger case that holds bracelets and other bulky items. The two kinds of jewelry I wear most are earrings and bracelets - I wear a necklace every day, but it's always the same so I don't need to pack it, as such, and I hardly ever wear rings. But even the biggest earrings are too delicate to be thrown together with bracelets, especially the big cuffs I like! So this is perfect."
 - MiliZee

Words are powerful. These words made me happy for at least a 24-hour period, and they still make me smile when I remember that moment. What kind words do you have to share with others? Imagine all the smiles we can generate!

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