Friday, January 14, 2011

happy friday outfit

I sort of jumped the gun on this one and wore this outfit on Monday. BUT - it's so versatile that I think it could make a great business chic outfit during the day, then, add the sassy make-up and sweet earrings you stowed away in your purse and ta-da! Great outfit for Friday night. Plus I've been loving neutrals lately [maybe it has something to do with the grays of January?], so that aspect of this outfit makes me smile, too.

Even if you just typically watch movies Friday night because you're tired from the week [not that I ever do...], you may as well feel really confident in your great outfit while you much that popcorn. It'll make everything that much better!

So what are your plans tonight?

Image Credits
White Shirt from J. Jill
Corduroy Skirt from Banana Republic
Statement Necklace from theroyalbead
Boots from DSW


  1. Love the look. Another 15lb and I could wear that!

  2. Oh, you could totally rock this any day!

  3. That looks just like what you wore Monday! So adorable :)

  4. Absolutely gorgeous blog. You inspire me!


  5. Thank you, Antoinette! I'm so glad to hear that!