Thursday, August 11, 2011

seeing sunshine

Sometimes you need to look on the bright side, which this blog consistently encourages me to do. Sad, tired Lisa bemoans the hours she hasn't spent on the garden, the areas she let weeds take over, and the loss from Little Bunny Foo Foo.

this *was* beans & peas, until pests ate them, and weeds took over

It's easy to forget that this is my first year in this garden, that I planted more than I could handle harvesting, and that I did so on a whim figuring in the least I would learn things. And learn things I have!

Peppers grow *wonderfully* in my garden!

As does pumpkin - evidently it needs *lots* of space. It jumped the fence and now hangs with the sweet corn.

Other notes to self:
  • put down organic weed preventer and work the dirt right away
  • spray for rabbits *before* they feast
  • mulch between rows [like the book said]
  • plan and label rows
  • bring water [no dehydration!]
  • wear sunblock [no spring sunburn!]
  • wear hat [just got one!]
  • install rain gauge [optional, but might give me more incentive to water manually]
yay for no more sun-in-eyes, hair-in-eyes, or sunburned part! victory!

So there you have it - from here on out I'm committing to being happy, victorious Lisa. The girl who revels in what her garden *is* producing, finds new recipes for enjoying them, and gets to hang out outside and burn calories while she's at it.

...and sing songs in her head as she pulls weeds. Oh wait, I've always done that. :-)


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  1. Those darn bunnies, cute but destructive! I can't keep cacti alive so I am very impressed.

  2. thanks for entering my giveaway!! look at you, ms. green thumb!!!