Thursday, December 1, 2011

christmas shopping with etsy

How do you normally pick out Christmas gifts? In my family, we exchange names and if I don't know the cousin (or cousin's child) well, it can be hard to brainstorm a present they would like.

Enter Etsy's new gift finder. It's integrated with Facebook...which is genius! [not to mention fun] If you visit Etsy, check out the sidebar for the gift finder. Then allow it to access your Facebook account and wa-la! For all the things your friends and family list as likes on Facebook, Etsy attributes a search tag to and boom: vintage + handmade items geared directly towards that person.

Normally I'm more of a ask-their-nearby-relative-what-they-want-and-play-it-safe kind of person, or if I'm really desperate, ask the person directly what they want. Takes a bit of the surprise out of gift opening, yes, but chances are good that they'll actually like what they receive. But out, world, this is making me brave. [Well, this and my mustard tights, but that's a different story.]

It even tempts me to buy things for people *not* on my list, simply because it's so easy to pick a price range + subject matter and find great, unique gifts.

While this strays from my typical company highlights of those that are *using* Etsy [or are otherwise small, independent businesses], I just love this feature on Etsy's site and couldn't resist telling you about it!

Have you tried it? Did it get your gift-ideas flowing?

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  1. I saw that and was curious, but didn't try it. Thanks for sharing!

  2. It's really fun; sucked me in a bit with all its interactivity.

  3. I never knew etsy had this feature. Love it! I have an amazon wishlist and now I can have an etsy one too!