Monday, May 12, 2014

mother's ring for mother's day

My dad’s parents lived 4 miles away from me when I was growing up. In country miles, that’s 5 minutes. As a result, we spent lots of time there. My grandma was a crafty woman, and taught me to knit [unfortunately that lesson was forgotten, though re-learned in college], taught me to create plastic canvas masterpieces and small works of embroidery, and even let me paint [remember those country geese hanging out on doorways?]. She was also a master gardener, and with a farmyard full of landscaping, she had her hands full.

Our church was a few miles past her house, so each Sunday I would not sit in my parents’ pew, but instead take my place next to Grandma [the spot *between* our grandparents was reserved for my older sister]. Often I grew fidgety and would turn my attention to my grandma’s rings. She, of course, wore her wedding band, but she also wore a mother’s ring. With six children to represent, it was quite full. I would repeatedly review which gemstone belonged to which month, and which gemstone belonged to which child. So began my fascination with mother rings.

After my husband and I were married awhile and began discussing having children, I knew what I wanted someday: a mother’s ring. The hitch? I’m not particularly patient, and what if we have a lot of kids? I’ll never get that ring! Fortunately, the trend of stackable rings arrived and with it, the answer to my dilemma. Instead of waiting for a full set of birthstones all in a row, I could stack individual rings as the children come along! Wonderful.

Thank you to Laurel Treasures for my beautiful set, and I hope to be ordering from you again very soon. Five more weeks to baby's due date!

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