Friday, September 8, 2023

variations on a theme

Once upon a time, I shared with my house group this inconspicuous dream of creating art that would express a spiritual truth or concept in an abstract way. 

The Kingdom of God kept coming to mind. I previously posted about this idea almost two years ago when I created a piece of digital art to illustrate this somewhat nebulous idea. Jesus Himself used parables to describe it, perhaps because it's beyond human language and understanding. It is, as John Piper explains, a mystery. 

But that mystery is the key. It's the key to our hope: when the Kingdom of God is fully realized at the second coming, and when the Kingdom of God is here now. We can experience forgiveness, power, and the fruits of the Holy Spirit even now as the Holy Spirit is in us who believe.

The large blank wall above our couch was reserved for a painting that hinted at this idea. Using another common image from the Bible, a tree, I re-imagined that early digital art piece as lines from a cut tree. The dark center represents the world, while the white "bark" represents Heaven. Cracks in the wood, highlighted with orange, represent the Kingdom of God at work even now, penetrating our lives and bringing light to the darkness. It serves as both a reminder (to be the light) and a comfort (that God is at work within us).

Actual creation of this painting was a collection of experiments. Using yarn, glue, impasto gel, pouring medium, and a thickening gel, it features a variety of textures accomplishing different effects. Which could symbolize the different members of the body of Christ all working together as one...but that would be a different message. Or maybe that's just the beauty of art and its interpretation?

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