Tuesday, August 24, 2010

artist feature: Susan Piazza

Disposable income is not something I often have in excess, so I've gotten really good at browsing. As Torrie said in her comment on my summer outfit post, "Blogging and the internet is a double-edged sword - great for shopping, but not so fun when you're trying to minimize spending!"

In the past, when I discovered a store that was filled with delightful treasures, I would buy one small thing, just so I could take home a piece of each place. Unfortunately, having that one small piece was never enough to truly express the inspiration that it was meant to represent. Now I stare at the pieces,  trying to soak them up in order to implant their memory and their magic into my brain. So it was with Susan Piazza.

It was a relaxed weekend, my parents were visiting, and we thought it would be fun to explore downtown Anoka. Our last stop was the Krista Artista Gallery, which is filled with great finds. It was these poppy pieces, however, that monopolized my attention.

I love the color, the texture, the three-dimensionality, and the simple subject matter.

If you're ever in the northern suburbs of the Twin Cities, please visit this art gallery. It's worth your time!

All images via Piazza Art and Design


  1. Thanks for quoting me!!

    Yes- browsing is such a good skill to have... and enjoy. Lately, I've been looking at items such as artwork, clothing, etc. and as you wrote about- trying to "soak them up" and use them for inspiration. For example, I saw a post about a fantastic clothing line- seriously created for me- but there's NO way I could afford many pieces. But I still saved the images on my computer (and in my brain) and I still spent quite a good deal of time 'browsing'... so that I could use them for ideas when putting together an outfit for myself. Or maybe I could buy "one small piece" such as a scarf or a top- and build the 'inspired' look by pairing it with other items that I already have or can afford to purchase!

    To answer your question, I wish I lived in Napa! We just love to visit and have been there every summer for the past 4 years (+ any other little trips we can SQUEEZE in between!) I wrote about it here, if you'd like to see- and taunted some more, like we were w/ Joy's post:) (and sorry for the looooooooong winded comment)...

  2. No problem, it's good to hear from you! Your Napa vacation looks like a lot of fun!!