Monday, March 14, 2011

feeling green

It's officially my birthday week! Which means, I've got green on the brain [after all, St. Patrick's Day *is* this Thursday].

This green obsession, paired with a new weekly schedule, translates to adding some different items to the all things * jane Etsy shop. First up is the item at left, one of the delayed products of some inspiration found on Newbury Street in Boston. It is a scarf that is braided rather than knit; the character is completely different than your typical neckwear.

Also new to the shop (with more to come) is a pair of green earrings. I love the main bead: it has a matte finish that feels velvety to the touch. Some day there will be a necklace to match, but for now, the shop that sells travel earring holders will also have some earrings for you to wear on your trips!

Are you feeling green?


  1. Love the Earrings Lisa! I didn't know you beaded too! Have a great Birthday!

  2. Pretty earrings! Green and blue are my favorite colors, even when it's not St. Patrick's day. Also- thanks for the reminder! Totally forgot that was tomorrow!

  3. Thank you both!

    @Design Girl: I like to create in almost any way. Though beading was definitely one of my first loves!

    @Mikalah: Glad I could remind you to get you in the spirit. :-)