Thursday, March 31, 2011

sewing friends

Alternatively, these ladies could be titled sewing fiends - but a quick definition search made that term seem a bit negatively extreme. Friends is, well, friendlier.

I digress.

Now that you've met the new member of my craft room, you should really take some time to meet a few ladies that incite a lot of the enthusiasm surrounding that black beauty.

First up: Cotten & Curls. This girl loves to refashion, which makes her pretty great in my book. How many clothes do you have in your closet that aren't quite right, so don't get worn, but aren't so wrong that you can't give away? This pants tutorial is one of my favorites because there have definitely been pairs that fit like the "before" and it would be awesome to have them fit like the "after" instead!

Then there's the gap in the back problem. It really takes joy out of the jeans shopping experience when you have to say no to a really cute pair because the waist is all wrong. Freshly Picked has a well written solution just waiting for you - and me. Must try this one.

While my friend over at Posy the Porcelain Pig doesn't limit herself to sewing, this refashion project had to be shared. Who wouldn't want to thrift and sew when enlightened to the possibilities an 80's dress like this has to offer? She has lots of other fun projects, including a kitchen re-do, so be sure to pay her a visit!

So there you have it. A peek into some of the places that get me [dangerously] inspired to rip open seams and tailor endlessly. Time to get the thread out!


  1. LOVE what she did with the 80's lace dress - thanks for sharing!

  2. Ah! You featured me! How cool! =) Thanks for the love and the new blogs to follow. I love both of them and I'm going to have a hard time tearing myself away!

  3. You're very welcome! They tend to suck me in, too.

  4. aww, thank you! you are too kind.