Wednesday, April 6, 2011

indoor garden

Spring fever has hit me this year very strongly. Somehow the snow melting in March must have jump started my gardening countdown, because while last year I didn't make the Mother's Day deadline, this year it's the beginning of April and I'm shopping for seeds and planning what to plant. Then I look at the snow that's left [not for long!] in the backyard and get a teeny reality check. That doesn't last long either.

In honor of the "not quite yet" state of outdoor gardening, please enjoy this collection of items that will brighten your indoors. The outhouse birdhouse would be better used outside, but it'll still cheer your spirit to watch little chirpies flit about.

Image Credits
Rose Fine Art Print by penguinpalace
Airplant Vase by tohold
Cedar Bird Outhouse by catjtthomas
Floral Plant Stake by jangeisenGardenArt
Garden Flowers 2011 Desk Calendar by MaryFosterCreative


  1. Spring is coming! great collection!

  2. Wonderful collection! Starting seeds indoors is on my todo list this week.

  3. Love thinking about spring! It is in the air!

  4. Wow this is a gorgeous collection! Thank you so much for seeing my print and decided to include it with these other great items!