Friday, December 30, 2011

resolution: read Bible in a year

While I normally don't do promotional posts, with January 1, 2012 approaching soon, I thought some of you might be forming your New Year's resolutions. Truthfully, I don't normally make any; reflecting on the past year and simply dreaming about the future is enough for me.

This past year, however, I did make a goal. It was time for me to get into Bible reading on a consistent basis, and this is the Bible that did it for me.

If one of your resolutions is to read the Bible in a year, you should really give this one a chance. I've done the approach of reading 3-6 chapters a day from Genesis to Revelation, but I like this way better. Each day is labeled with the date, so you always know where you are (or should be). Each day you read a couple chapters from the Old Testament, a few verses from the Psalms, a couple Proverbs, and a chapter from the New Testament. It's written in the NCV translation, which I wasn't familiar with, so passages read newer than if they were in the ol' NIV. Also, each day starts with a brief excerpt from one of Max Lucado's many books.

Being that it's December, the daily reading mix combines some of the last prophetic books of the OT, and the last chapters of Revelation. It's pretty cool to read both of those perspectives each day.

The next post here will return to our regularly scheduled programming, but until then, have a happy (and safe) New Year!


  1. This sounds like such a great idea! I might have to try this. Did you finish the whole thing last year? Way to go girl!

  2. Truth be told, I started around March, so I still have a few months to go. :-) Having the dates on each section really help keep me on track!