Wednesday, January 4, 2012

what i wore: shabby apple edition

yes, this is me doing my best Vanna White in a skywalk

Believe it or not, this dress was actually *won* in an amazing giveaway by Amy Day to Day. When I received the news that I was the winner, my day went from average to awesome in about a nanosecond. 

So where's a girl going to wear a fun red dress? On a surprise New Year's Eve date with her husband, that's where! [I was actually forbidden to wear it any day before NYE...the anticipation made it even better.] We went to Hell's Kitchen to enjoy some live jazz music, and while we were probably the snazziest couple there, it was really fun to get dolled up for an evening out.

Shabby Apple was great. After viewing their sizing chart and finding my measurements all over the board, I read the reviews for advice on which direction, larger or smaller, I should order. It was a huge relief when I tried it on [about 5 minutes after finding it on my doorstep] and it fit perfectly! Well, maybe I need to shorten the skirt for absolute perfection, but they can't build all their dresses for 5' 3" women!  

Have you been to their site? Which dress is your favorite?


  1. Lisa, your husband better hang on to you tight....WOW!

  2. Cuuuute dress! I love it! Lucky you, winning a giveaway like that. =)

  3. LOL - thank you, Anonymous! Don't worry, he does. :-)

    Mikalah - I know, right? It never happens, then all of a sudden: free dress for you. Awesome!

  4. You look gorgeous! How fun to win such an awesome prize!!!

  5. It really makes you feel like a princess. Even without the tulle + tiara. :-)

  6. I still love this dress... but I stopped by to let you know that I nominated you for a blog award and tagged you in a post today!