Tuesday, February 14, 2012

notes to love

Getting the mail each day is definitely a highlight for me. Even though most days it's just ads and junk mail, opening that mailbox is like unwrapping a surprise, because you never know when something like this will show up!

Before this parcel can be opened, you really have to appreciate the packaging. I mean, check out that flower! Would you look at that? [side note: if that last sentence doesn't have a sound clip in your memory, you probably haven't seen this vid yet.] Seriously, though, that flower is going on display in a very special spot. It's too precious!

You may have guessed it right from the start by seeing her business card, but the package contained some of the cutest note cards ever from Oh Write. I love the combination of paper + stitching and can't wait to start sending these out to some lovely people!

Colorful stitched note cards from Oh Write, with thanks handwritten by me, coming soon to an all things * jane order near you. ;-)


  1. Would you look at this ... Pretty!!!

  2. Well, thank you, Lisa! Your words are so kind. I'm glad you enjoyed your little package. Blessings!