Thursday, February 9, 2012

tiny made tidy

The entryway in our house is really more of a landing. When we moved in, it had a coat rack that looked like a board with inserted dowels, hung at about waist level. It served as a place to put car keys and jackets; periodically one could even find mail precariously balanced on top of the dowel mess.

The problem with this wall is it's only 25" or so wide. And on this wall, I want to store shoes, keys, mail, coats, and other winter accessories. Neatly. Sadly, every organizational unit I found was too large. How to solve such a dilemma? Go modular!

One floating shelf, 2 boxes, 3 hooks,and 1 ingenious key hook/mail sorter later, and our essentials are not only easily accessible, but organized. Sometimes I gaze at in contented bliss. No, really, just ask my husband. Organization makes me very happy. Yeah, you can call me a nerd...

Once the direction was established and the pieces obtained, the project didn't even take very long. Cross another trouble zone off the list! [now...if only I could decide on paint color...]

Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop!For more ideas, check out the Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop. This week's theme is "organization."


  1. Cute! I love this little entryway makeover. =) I want to do something for our entryway soon too, it's so tiny but I think I could make better use of the space somehow!

    1. With your creativity, I have no doubts that you'll figure out a solution!