Thursday, June 21, 2012

mini vacay

How beautiful is this? Seriously. Can anyone resist a serene lake? I know I can't. Since our little girly is due to arrive right around our anniversary, we decided to take our trip a little early. While the original plan was to fly to NYC, we ended up going with Plan B: 2 scenic days in Ely, MN.

We hiked to some waterfalls, sat on some rocks, and made sure that every time we ate it was either outside or on the edge of a lake. One of our lunches was eaten at 3, which meant we had the whole deck to ourselves! All you heard was the great outdoors, including a loon call. Total peace.

Of course you can't go somewhere and *not* be a tourist, so we made sure to learn all about Dorothy Molter and her wilderness life, see some bears, and admire wolves and wolf pups. We also had to go 1/2 mile underground to learn about the iron ore mining industry that brought this area to attention.

It was the perfect getaway - and my husband spontaneously planned it all himself. Have I mentioned lately how much I like him?

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  1. Sounds like such a wonderful getaway! Maybe I'm crazy with pregnancy hormones, but a quiet scenic getaway appeals to me so much more than the busy streets of NYC right now too. =)