Monday, June 4, 2012

outfit + nursery sneak peek

stretching shirts at 21 weeks

Well, folks, the bump is growing! And happily, I might add. Thanks to the good folks at Old Navy, I was able to score some nice *long* tanks, this shrug, and skinny maternity jeans, all for clearance prices! Love.

This shrug will definitely come in handy this summer, when I'll want to wear those long tanks to keep cool in the weather, yet will need something to keep warm [and modest] in the office. Since it doesn't have a zipper, I don't have to feel in any way that it is meant to entirely cover my growing front.

What's that in the background, you ask? Why, that's our new [to us] crib! We also [finally] removed the wallpaper diamonds and painted over the sponge-painted pink walls. The nursery is now 3 walls of grey and 1 wall of green. Soon we'll begin the registry process and will pick out some *pink* and *purple* bedding, because we're having a girl!


  1. You look so cute!! I'm in the middle of setting up our nursery now and it's so much fun :)

  2. you are sooo cute!! half way there!! :) can't wait to see your finished nursery!