Friday, July 5, 2013

healthy bananas foster ice cream

Happy [post] 4th of July! If your day was a scorcher [ours was plenty warm],  you probably needed ice cream. If you're trying to eat healthy, this is a conundrum. Fortunately for all of us, there are recipes like the following floating around the internet!

The name sounds decadent, but the ingredients are incredibly simple. You ready? One banana, a little milk, and a touch of Biscoff spread. I know, I know, Biscoff is *so* 2012, but it just arrived at our local Target and any day can be made better by savoring a taste of that spread. During one of my savoring sessions, I decided part of its magic is that it tastes like a combination of caramel + shortbread. The ingredients lined up with my tastebuds' suspicions and dreams like this ice cream began to form. How can you go wrong with cookies + brown sugar?

Back to the healthy ice cream. Here's what you do: take a frozen banana [preferably one that you peeled, sliced, and then froze. peeling a frozen banana makes for painfully cold fingers. trust me.], put it in a food processor, add a couple tablespoons of milk [less if you want it thicker], add a heaping teaspoon of Biscoff [more to enhance the "foster" flavor], and turn that processor puppy on. I let it run for about a minute to make sure it's nice and creamy.

It's a great way to satisfy your ice cream craving, cool down, and add a serving of fruit to your day. Have you tried any versions of this trick?

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