Friday, October 4, 2013

creative burst

You know how they say that vacations are really good for the soul? Or that you need "girl time"? Or that being around creative people is inspirational?

It's true. All of it.

Case 1: My husband and I love California, so when a good friend invited us to her wedding out there, we couldn't wait! Prior to going, I had no complaints about the state of our married relationship, but it was definitely sweeter after having time away and temporarily living the free life of married-without-kids. [Did I mention baby C's grandparents are amazing?]

Case 2: Not so long after that trip, I had to say good-bye to my baby again in honor of Girls Weekend 2013. This time she spent the weekend with Daddy, and though I still missed them, all the laughs and fiascos that go hand-in-hand with time spent in the company of my mother and her sisters were good for the soul.

Case 3: Our Girls Weekend basically consisted of going to a giant handmade market for 3 days. When we got home, I spent one day as a total zombie, but after that the weather turned cold and rainy, the coffeepot turned on, and creativity has been flowing.

Which case is responsible for this latest burst in creative productivity? No clue. Probably all of them in different measures. But I'm loving it! I'm actually taking the time to do the many projects that have been rolling around my brain for months and finding them easier to accomplish with this new burst of energy.

There are possibly some changes coming to this ol' blog of mine, but those details are far from firmed up at this point. Let me just say, thanks for reading and hanging out with me on a non-regular basis! I look forward to sharing more a little later on my newest creations.

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  1. I miss you! Sounds like you've been having some fun.