Thursday, February 27, 2014

room darkening nursery curtains

I've always been a "project" person. In fact, my mother stated the thing she was looking forward to most after I moved out would be the absence of my "piles," which were generally various projects in many states of "on hold."

Unfortunately for my husband, this habit is hard to break. Fortunately for my husband, I've at least managed to limit myself to one[ish] project at a time. Got a new creative idea? Better finish that last one first! Sometimes this only delays the beginning of a new idea rather than actually finishing an old one, but I'm a work in progress.

One of my latest projects got a jumpstart by an upcoming visit of family. Isn't hosting the best solution for accomplishing tasks? I simply *couldn't* have this fabric lying around any longer. It had to find its way into curtains.

And find its way it did. Using this tutorial as a basis. [Though, can I add a note about width? It omitted that detail, so for your reference, total finished width should be 1.5x-2x the width of your window, adding 4 inches per panel for hem allowance.] The nursery does have room darkening roll shades in addition to white accordian blinds, but roll shades are my arch nemesis. The spring loaded action [or non-action] drives me batty. So I simply *had* to make darkening curtains to eliminate athe roll shade. Now if only I actually completed that portion of the project ...

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