Friday, February 21, 2014

polar vortex + chubby cheeks

Somewhere on the Internet I saw a headline that went something like, "The Winter That Killed Moms Everywhere." We've been colder and had more snow this winter than many past, but on the whole, C & I have been handling it pretty well.

The one thing that wasn't handling this cold very well were her poor chubby cheeks. Combine the chapped side effects of teething with daily windchill advisories, and they were starting to really look bad. Granted, I'm a first timer, but right when the weather turned cold they got so red I was self-conscious that someone would report me for neglect. But we have to brave the outdoors at some point, even if it's just hustling down the parking lot towards the heated respite of the grocery store, so what's a paranoid mom to do?

As they say, necessity breeds invention. You can spy her normal get-up in my previous post. Warm shirt[s] covered by warm fleece jacket, topped with pink panda hat from the talented Pam Court, which is then topped by circle scarf, made by me. Putting it over the hat makes it tighter and covers her cheeks better, and the fact that it's a circle means it's really quick to plop over her head and she can't untie it. Win!

The above photo was right after it was finished, so she wasn't too sure about wearing it yet. She's since figured out it does help block the cold, and lets it cover her face to right under her nose. Her scarf is two-toned because of course Mommy was trying to use up some soft scrap yarn she had and ran out. I've gifted similar scarves to other moms, but theirs are all one color. Turns out knitting is a great way to pass the [chilly] time!

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