Saturday, December 3, 2016

the not-christmas card

[I intended to write a family update for our Christmas card at 5:45 the morning after my grandfather passed away. Instead I added tears to the quiet morning, converted this to a blog post, and am slowly realizing that life has changed and the task list will have to wait.]

It’s been a tough year, but a good year. In March, my grandma passed away and W was born. He’s been a blessing to our family, very content, and the girls dote on him.

About a month later, my great aunt passed away, and nine days after that, W had a little health scare. God was faithful in keeping us in His peace during that time (and multiple times after) and it’s all over now (we pray).

We filled our summer with visits to and from our family and friends, and other milestone events: C’s first movie, her first haircut, and our home’s first deck.

Life took another hit in October as we returned from a trip to NYC celebrating our 7th wedding anniversary, when we heard my husband’s grandpa and my grandpa were hospitalized. We prayed and asked others to join us on their behalf, and God answered. My husband’s grandpa improved and is no longer in a medical facility, while my grandpa made the decision to stop treatment, and passed away last night.

As I began to pray for these men, God was faithful to give me the impression that sometimes people don’t want to be healed, which is hard for those of us left behind, but a blessing to him who lived 93 years and was too tired to fight for more.

Soon we will gather for a funeral, the first our little family has been able to attend, and in a few weeks, we’ll gather again to celebrate Jesus’ birth.

Life and death and road trips. That’s been our 2016.

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