Thursday, April 11, 2019

feeling that creative itch

Two and a half years. My blog hiatus is significant. Significantly long, sure, but also because it signifies a shift in my personal focus to full-time motherhood. We added a little boy to our family not long after my last blog post, and three kids filled my plate in its own very good way.

As our kids grow in independence, margin is sneaking back into my life. I'm feeling that call to practice creativity in art-filled ways, rather than creatively parenting/cooking/child-crafting. My latest piece was done after the kids were in bed and is being used as a background for some new products in my Zazzle shop.

Previous to that was a pastel drawing of a puzzled, maybe even a little sad, Boxer dog in preparation for a Christmas gift for my Boxer-loving in-laws. You can get that drawing on an iPhone case, or a mug, also through the Zazzle shop. I would share a photo of the painting I did of their beloved dog, but unfortunately I was too excited to gift it and didn't save a picture first.

My first priority remains my children, soaking up this time with them as I know the days are fleeting. But I'm excited to get back into interests that have been simmering far back on the stove and see how changes in life affect changes in handiwork.

Thanks for stopping by!

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