Monday, May 7, 2012

styling the bump

Having a bump that sometimes looks like a lump can make for a bit of a wardrobe challenge. When you're just starting to show, it's not yet obvious enough to flaunt, and it's also not subtle enough to hide.

This outfit has become one of my recent favorites, for a host of reasons:
  1. the skirt = low-rise. [no problem buttoning that one!]
  2. leggings = elastic waistband. 
  3. shirt = stretchy cotton. [pretty much the best feeling ever]
  4. boots = flat. [safety first, right?]
  5. great big pashmina scarf = bump camouflage!
I'm hoping to stretch my current wardrobe as long as possible [no pun intended, ha!], though it definitely takes creativity sometimes. 

It's a whole new learning curve, dressing an ever changing body. It's also a whole new learning curve *embracing* this ever changing body. Never in my life have I been desirous of displaying a little extra around my middle, but this "extra" is extra special, so maybe displaying it is exactly what I should be doing? 

There's so much pregnancy paranoia swirling around in my head; forgive me for my rhetorical pondering. These 9 months are definitely an experience in trusting God with the unknown and leaning on Him for peace!


  1. lovely denim skirt<3 would you like to follow each other?

  2. I love this outfit, it works perfectly! I know how you feel, it's quite a journey this thing called pregnancy! I love having a bump now, at first it was just wierd but now that it's bigger it's so much fun to show off. =) You look adorable!

  3. my sister just gave birth to my beautiful niece; sounds strange, but i was so jealous of her styling with her bump, but, i am sure it is such a challenge.