Friday, June 1, 2012

growing a green thumb

This indoor gardener is at it again. Last year, I started a bunch of herbs indoors. They didn't transfer to pots as well as I had hoped, probably in part due to crowding the compostable planters. Since they grow rather quickly, it's not really necessary to give them a head start on the season, so this year I planted a manageable amount in my south window and will plant the remaining seeds in large pots outside when the time is right [ahem, soon].

Lest you think my garden itch subsided this year, take a gander at these baby zinnias. The minute I saw their bright blooms on the seed packet with promises to grow 3 feet tall, I had to start some. Using egg cartons as starter pots, the seeds sprouted quite nicely!

The downside of egg cartons is there isn't much dirt to hold water, which means I had to water daily. So before we left town for Mother's Day, I transferred them to three larger pots. They've really taken off! I *so* hope to get blooms this summer.

[This post was forgotten in my editor, so you get an immediate update! How's that for instant gratification?]

They've since been planted in the great outdoors, where they promptly got pummeled by hail. As of yet, they haven't recovered fully from that shock, but since they're not dead, I'm hopeful!

Now if I can just finish planting the garden [and stop bunnies and weeds from taking over], this year will be a great success! Harvesting could prove interesting, but we'll think about that a different day. :-)

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